About Us



How was Happy Charting Created?

Happy Charting was born from speaking with hundreds of acupuncturists and asking them what their biggest frustration was in their business.

Their reply? We HATE charting.

We learned from them how much they wanted to get rid of paper, how close they were to running out of filing cabinets and storage space, and how they didn't want to scan and shred paper forms for the rest of their clinic life.

We had many hour-long conversations with many acupuncturists - who hated the EMR software they were using.

To them, it was clunky, old-fashioned, buggy and sometimes it would crash.

There were so many features that they didn't need, that just took up space.
And they felt like they had to do so much clicking, just to get to where they wanted to go.

We realized that it was OUR MISSION to save this endangered species - also known as - the 'Happy' Acupuncturist Charter.

For these 'Happy' Acupuncturists to thrive and grow - they needed to enjoy being in their habitat - also known as - the 'Clinic'.

And rid their environment of all the things that didn't bring them JOY.

And so - Happy Charting was born.