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Hereโ€™s a few messages from our Happy Charting family to YOU.


Nicole McCarty - Common Source Acupuncture

My charting is much faster and easier.

Before Happy Charting I would find that I would get to the end of a shift and have to chart everyone because it took too much time to do right after needling the patient - that was awful and I dreaded it.

Happy Charting makes it much easier and quicker so I can do my charting in the time between patients.

It gives me much less to do at the end of my shift which is really nice.


Ronnie - The Bow Acupuncture & Community Wellness

The charting is very straight forward and simple. I am able to put my favorite points and point combos in so that they can be found with little effort. And, looking back at previous charts is very easy to do.

I carry an iPad with me to every chair and chart as I go - I never have a back-up of charting to do and I no longer have to put away stacks of files. I really love it.

Itโ€™s been really easy to reach out to the HC team if issues come up and they really care about making this product as user friendly as possible.


Jeffrey and Elaina - Savannah Community Acupuncture

Before finding Happy Charting, we tried 3 EHRs. We found Happy Charting to be the most intuitive and streamlined for what we do.

It's very straightforward and has made charting more easy than I could ever imagine. Even the learning curve was barely noticeable.

Also, the user interface makes it super easy to do all the things you need to manage a patient's care.

We are very grateful to have found this software and consider it an integral part of our practice.


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