Happy Charting Features

Let me tell you about a day in the life of Lily 🌷 - a private acupuncturist who uses Happy Charting.



The Happy Charting Dashboard

It’s the morning of her shift. Lily is at her computer and signs into her Happy Charting account.

She sees all of her appointments for the day - on the left. Jill is her first patient.

Lily wants to see Jill’s information before she arrives, so she clicks on her appointment bubble.

This brings up Jill’s Patient Information, her Chart History and her Fast Chart.

From the Chart History - Lily can see that she’s been treating Jill for her rheumatoid arthritis and the resulting joint pain in both her hips and her knees, as well as her poor sleep.

In the Patient Information - Lily sees it’s Jill’s 64th birthday next week and writes a note to buy Jill a birthday card before her next treatment.

Lily LOVES that her Dashboard allows her to See Everything, Always.



Customized Fast Chart

On the right, Jill’s Fast Chart is empty.

Lily can see the different sections in her Fast Chart. There are the two template sections - the Chief Complaints and Point Treatment…

As well as the sections Lily created and customized herself.

Lily’s Customized Fast Chart looks something like this:

There is a Tongue and Pulse section, an Additional Services section for her Cupping and Moxibustion, a Herbal Prescription section, an Essential Oils section, , and a Notes section.

Lily will be providing Massage Therapy soon and knows that when the time comes, she can customize her Fast Chart to add a Massage Therapy section.

Lily LOVES that her Fast Chart is exactly The Way She Wants It To Be.



Repeat a Treatment

It’s 9am and Jill arrives for her appointment. Lily welcomes her in and they start chatting about Jill’s week.

Jill tells Lily that her sleep quality has improved greatly as her joints feel so much better since coming to Lily for treatment. Lily is very happy to hear this. It feels great knowing that the treatment she’s been doing for Jill has been working.

Jill moves into position and when ready, Lily begins her acupuncture treatment. Once done, Lily leaves Jill to sleep and heads to her computer in the back office.

Because her treatment has been working, Lily has given Jill a very similar treatment to the one she gave her last time.

She clicks on the most recent chart in Jill’s Chart History and it automatically fills out in Jill’s Fast Chart.

Lily LOVES that she can Repeat a Treatment with Just One Click.



Add Chief Complaints

Lily has a few more minutes before she needs to return to Jill. She decides to finish Jill’s Chart. Jill told Lily she’s been getting Hay Fever as it is Springtime and wouldn’t mind getting treatment to help with the itchiness around her puffy eyes.

Lily clicks ‘Add’ in the Chief Complaints. She selects the ‘H’ folder - sees ‘Hay-fever’ and clicks on one of it’s labels - ‘Itchiness’. She also adds a note to it - ‘around puffy eyes’.

Lily LOVES her Organized List of Chief Complaints to choose from.



Add a Point Treatment

Lily then goes on to record the changes she made to her acupuncture point. treatment.

First - she de-selects the points she didn’t use - LIV3 and LIV6 - by clicking on them. She then adds two Individual Points from her Favorites that she used - LI3 and ST36.

After that, she selects the Point Combination - Hay Fever from her Combo Favorites - which brings up - LI20, ST2, BL2, SP5 in her Unilateral Quadrant.

Lily doesn’t need any other notes, so she clicks ‘Sign’ and Jill’s chart is DONE.

Lily LOVES adding her Favorite Points with Just a Few Taps.



Print a Legal Document

Now that Jill’s Chart is done and dusted, Lily returns back to Jill and takes out her needles. Jill feels rejuvenated and refreshed. She tells Lily she needs a document of all her past treatment history for her GP and for insurance purposes.

She would love a printed copy.

Lily heads to her office, enters the passcode into her Happy Charting account and goes to the Reports page.

Typing in Jill’s name - she selects her as a Patient and clicks ‘Report’.

A new tab opens up with all of Jill’s chart history. Lily downloads it as a PDF and clicks ‘Print’.

She heads over to her printer, grabs the papers, staples it and hands it to a very grateful Jill.

Lily LOVES how Easy & Fast it is to Print a Patient’s Entire Chart History.

Report Jill.png


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