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 Happy Charter Testimonial 1

Prior to HC I used paper, and continue to do so for my initial consultations. HC has made my charting more streamlined and I am very glad to be reducing my paper usage.
No suggestions for improvements at this time!

- Julie Baumhofer, Butong Acupuncture


Happy Charter Testimonial 2

I don't foresee ever switching up charting. I am loving it.
I currently use Schedulicity for scheduling and email marketing but eventually bringing that under the same platform would make a lotta sense.*

- Elicia Faul, Loose Leaves Acupuncture & Massage *HC will eventually become an integrated all-in-one software.


Happy Charter Testimonial 3

Happy Charting is really an improvement over my previous EHR. It's much easier to keep up with my charting and I definitely spend less time on charting and can spend more time on the parts of my practice that I actually enjoy!

- Michael Koziol, Whole Health Acupuncture


Happy Charter Testimonial 4

I find by using this charting system I am able to complete my charts three times faster than when I chart by hand and I need every minute I can get these days!

- Kanesha Meyers, Keesha’s Healing Room

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Happy Charter Testimonial 5

Thank you for such a quick response in everything you do.

It speaks volumes to Happy Charting. :)

- Eric Montoya, Nob Hill Community Acupuncture


Happy Charter Testimonial 6

Happy charting is great because it's simple to use without unnecessary extra features at a great price and excellent customer service!

Thank you for making such an easy to use charting program! I appreciate you reaching out and the care you demonstrate for insuring we all have a product that meets our needs!

- Leah Rainer, Leah Acupuncture

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Happy Charter Testimonial 7

Oh wow. It's so darn easy to add a new patient!!! PF makes ya enter all kinds of personal info.

After trying POCA EHR, we decided to go with HC because it’s just so easy.

- Linda Phelps, Purple Dragon Community Acupuncture


Happy Charter Testimonial 8

HC is great and thank you very much!

I appreciate all that you DO!! I know there’s so much work behind the scenes and with the developers, but we are very happy with the Charting program and also glad to be able to give feedback to make the program work wonderfully for all.

- Melissa Skelly, Zen Den Center


Happy Charter Testimonial 9

“Loved happy charting... your system is FAST and FUN.

I’ve shown you to some friends and we are in awe!”

- Annie Duguay, Annie Duguay Acupuncture

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Happy Charter Testimonial 10

Before finding Happy Charting, we tried 3 EHRs. We found Happy Charting to be the most intuitive and streamlined for what we do.

It's very straightforward and has made charting more easy than I could ever imagine. Even the learning curve was barely noticeable.

Also, the user interface makes it super easy to do all the things you need to manage a patient's care.

We are very grateful to have found this software and consider it an integral part of our practice.

I hope more acupuncturists, both CA and those who just have a cash practice, try out Happy Charting.

- Jeffrey Schifanelli & Elaina, Savannah Community Acupuncture

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Happy Charter Testimonial 11

Everything has been working great.

My charting is much faster and easier. Before Happy Charting I would find that I would get to the end of a shift and have to chart everyone because it took too much time to do right after needling the patient - that was awful and I dreaded it.

Happy Charting makes it much easier and quicker so I can do my charting in the time between patients. It gives me much less to do at the end of my shift which is really nice.

What do you like about using HC?
- I like the ease of it. Makes charting really quick. I like that you're so available and really consider the needs of the clinics.

- Nicole McCarty, Common Source Acupuncture


Happy Charter Testimonial 12

We used Practice Fusion for EHR, and still use Acuity for Scheduling. After the initial learning curb, we are running much faster than with Practice Fusion.

HC likes
- Creating custom point combos / templates.
- Option to type in point charts in instead of templates
- Ability with one click to port info from last chart to current chart
- Being able to see patient info, fast chart, and all patients scheduled for the day at the same time.
- PDF uploads: works great.

- Sean Honea, Southside Community Acupuncture

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Happy Charter Testimonial 13

I have been with Happy Charting from the beginning and it has really changed the way that I practice for the better.

Prior to HC, I used paper charting and I had a very good system for always staying on top of things.

I was actually pretty reluctant to switch to an online-charting format, because I worried that internet issues, or the electronic charting application itself would cause me to have problems accessing my charts in a way that you don't have to worry with a paper file.

I did not want to find myself relying on a web-based tool, that would trap me into paying for access and price hikes. I feel that way about Quickbooks, and I did not want to have another company gouging me.

As my clinic grew and got much busier, I started to see the benefit of having some form of electronic charting, not only to save time, but to reduce paper waste. Still, I was not really in a hurry to change. I decided to gamble with a the Happy Charting start-up for two reasons. First, I really liked Maxie's energy and passion about the product. Second, I realized that it would allow me to be with the product from the beginning and be able to ask for things that I wanted to see in a charting software.

I was never really frustrated with my paper system, I had it dialed in pretty good. Sometimes, as I was filing stacks of folders and filling up filing cabinets, I would wish that I could remove that chore from my daily work. When I decided to make the switch, the transition was so much less dramatic that I thought it would be. I jumped right in and I have been so "Happy" that I did.

The charting is very straight forward and simple. I am able to put my favorite points and point combos in so that they can be found with little effort. And, looking a back at previous charts is very easy to do. I carry an iPad with me to every chair and chart as I go--I never have a back-up of charting to do and I no longer have to put away stacks of files. I really love it.

Right now the system does not have a scheduler attached to it--so you do have a take a small amount of time at the beginning of the shift to load the days appointments in. This is really easy however, and it is no trouble at all to add a walk-in to the list on-the-fly. Happy Charting does have a plan to introduce a scheduler, and I will be very excited when this happens.

It has been really easy to reach out to Maxie and the HC team if issues come up and she is very concerned with making this product as user friendly as possible. She is very open to feedback and tips for streamlining the product. I feel very lucky to have been involved as a founding member and I am very excited to see Happy Charting bloom into its full potential.

- Ronnie Yocham, Bow Acupuncture & Wellness