After corresponding with Wade from POCA and perhaps asking if he'd like to collaborate with HC - he has informed me that POCA has decided to build their own standalone EHR.

Here is what they've posted in the POCA forum:

The plan is for our new service to be up and running by mid May. This will allow current PF users to sign up for and begin using the EHR before the June, 1 PF deadline. Yay!

Some details are still to be determined but pricing structure will be around $25- $50/mo, sliding scale. You decide what to pay, POCA style! There will not be any upcharges for larger or multi-punk clinics.

At this point we need to roll out the EHR first, for stand alone use, but there will be an integrated scheduler in the works. 


I understand many of you are very loyal to POCA which is why I am sending this message to you.

I am not attached to you joining our Happy Charting EHR, as long as we can help community acupuncture clinics thrive and continue moving forward together.

I am pleased to say that as of right now, Happy Charting will still continue.

And just in case the EHR isn't ready by the PF deadline to shift, we will be offering our sliding scale - $2-$40/month for those of you who are looking to switch.

And we understand if you'd like to switch to the POCA ehr when it is ready, we will help you with the data export so it's easy for you.

I also recommend to those who are moving from PF to begin talking to support because terminating an account and exporting all your charts/pdfs/patient data will take 4-6 weeks.

Rest assured to our Happy Charting users:

Our plan to continue with our upload PDF intake form feature, online intake form and integrated scheduler will continue as planned. 

I’ve felt so aligned to this community as I find I am not so money driven and for me, I care more about giving value to others than making a sale.

The reason why I started this is because there was a huge need for it at the time, and now something is being built to fill that need, then that’s really all that matters.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s done by me or by POCA or by Joe from PP or another company or person.

Your relationship means more to me than your money, so please know I do not see the POCA ehr as competition but a collaboration where we are both working towards solving a common problem for CA clinics.

I look forward to continuing to support the CA movement and POCA too,


Maxie Ouyang