Looking to Switch from Practice Fusion?

Hi Community and Private Acupuncturists! 🤗

Maxie here from Happy Charting.

For those of you who are using Practice Fusion and aren’t really sure where to go with your Charting needs, we are here to help in any way we can.

Happy Charting was specifically designed and funded from acupuncturists and is made specifically for acupuncture clinics - from solo-clinics to multi-practitioner clinics who include other services like herbs, massage therapy, japanese meridian acupuncture etc.


There’s been quite a lot of unsettling buzz with PF increasing their monthly prices to $50/month.

If this has caused a bit of financial upset or unsurety, we’d like to offer those of you who are looking for a standalone charting system the option of paying a sliding scale from $0-$40/month depending on how you like our product and your financial situation.


We understand we are not as complex or as feature advanced as Practice Fusion but we are growing and always doing our best to provide you the best experience and user-friendly software for your clinics needs.


This offer for a sliding scale payment is open indefinitely until you find you’re able to afford a monthly payment financially or it simply aligns with you to pay an amount that feels fair based on the value our software gives to you.


In support of all community acupuncturists, please do share this post to others to spread our message.


If you’re interested, simply send an email to me at maxie@happycharting.com and we can set you up as soon as you need.


All the best!