When will the Integrated Happy Scheduler get here??

I've had so many people eager for an integrated Scheduler.

So many of you have asked me when it will get here.

So, I am super excited to show you our Development Timeline for when our upcoming features:

- Uploading PDFs - intake forms, consent forms, waivers etc.

- Online intake forms - for patients to fill out and sign electronically

- Integrated Happy Scheduler

will be built and ready for you to use! :)


Here's our Development Timeline:


Timeline 1.png

Isn't it beautiful?? *heart eyes*

Note: Our designs for the features at http://happycharting.com/timeline are still in the draft stage.

When they are completed and ready for show, I will send out a notification to let you all know!

If you want to get this notification, join our Happy Charting email list here to keep up to date with developments :)


Maxie Ouyang