How can acupuncture play it's part in the western medical system?

This beautiful trailer illustrates how children diagnosed with brain cancer can receive life changing support through acupuncture.

Thank you to the open minds of Orange County Children's Hospital for realizing the true beauty and value of integrating eastern medicine into their hospital to heal children with serious illnesses.

And thank you to all acupuncturists and alternative healthcare practitioners who dedicate their lives to mastering their craft to heal communities from their pain and suffering.

Thanks to The Acupuncture Now Foundation for putting together such an awesome trailer and upcoming documentary.

Here's a message from The Acupuncture Now Foundation if you're interested in seeing the documentary and supporting this amazing movement:

"As we move closer to the launch of the first episode of the remarkable ANF documentary “Getting to the Point” (GTTP), we are releasing a 2 /12 minute trailer. We need everyone that supports the ANF and the growth of acupuncture to follow this link to the ANF YouTube channel, watch the trailer, SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel, and encourage everyone you know to do the same.

The more buzz we can build, the more impact this documentary will have. We need to get past 1000 subscriptions to qualify to generate any income off YouTube to help us promote the film and attract a major distributor when we release it to the public in May.

We will be releasing the full documentary in the next 1-2 weeks to the acupuncture community before we release it to the public so stay tuned for that announcement. For now – follow this link, subscribe and share to help us build the buzz!

Thank you-
The ANF Team "

The links stated above to the YouTube Channel can be found here:

Maxie Ouyang